Geluk voor Kinderen by Leo Bormans - Dutch
Geluk voor Kinderen by Leo Bormans - Dutch

Geluk voor Kinderen by Leo Bormans - Dutch

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"A playful search for genuine happiness' is this big book by Leo Bormans .

According to the author happiness is an attitude. The ten beautifully illustrated reading stories are based on the ten keys to happiness "of positive psychology, including goal setting, connect yourself with others and express feelings. The characters in the stories are (existing) birds with human traits. For example, they discover that it is important to be happy with how you are and when you give that will make you happy. In every story are questions (eg. "On what are you proud of yourself?"), commands ( "Give away something this week), an explanation of the happiness and key facts about the bird. The expressive, too-page illustrations in bright colors fill the story nicely.

Bormans, author of "The World Book of Happiness" for adults formulates his luck message firmly: "Who plays together and works together are happier and live longer." "Who is cheerful, has more friends and a finer life," and "Happy people live longer . "Whether this is a message for young children is the question. But for those who want to talk to children about happiness, can offer the stories in this book leads.

Product Details:
Recommended for ages 4 - 8 year
Author: Leo Bormans and illustrations Sebastiaan Van Doninck
Measurements: 1,5 x 33,8 x 27,7 cm
Language: Dutch
Pages: 62

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