Wooden Story Stacking Tower - Natural
Wooden Story Stacking Tower - Natural
Wooden Story Stacking Tower - Natural

Wooden Story Stacking Tower - Natural

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Brand: Wooden Story

Natural stacking tower blocks from Wooden Story.

Have you ever wondered what secrets they contain? When you sit down and play with the blocks, you never really know what your creation will look like. And when you build, let's say, a tower, it will never look the same.

Let’s give it a try...

We’d love to invite you to a game:

  1. Build a tower with as many “windows” or “holes” as possible - whatever fits your imagination, as long as you can see through them.
  2. Build two openwork towers close to one another - make them close enough so that you can connect them with a stick you found in the park, for example. You could also take a colorful thread and string it through the openings in your structure. 
  3. Build the tallest towers you can imagine - just make sure their bases are different. First you can use block X; a different time you can put together two cylinders and make a foot-bridge over them. Experiment with whatever comes to your mind. Will each one of the different structures stand strong on the ground?
  4. Build a tower from all your blocks. To make a strong base you should use a bit more of them for the bottom, maybe 3, 4 or even 5... it looks like we have a new tower again.
  5. Do you have any more ideas? These blocks can’t wait to help you make them reality…

Let the game begin!

Product details:
Age: 3 years +.
Size: 7,5 L x 2,5 W x 1,1 H (largest block) and 2,5 L x 1,8 W x 2,5 H (smallest block).
Material: Made of selected wood that comes from FSC certified suppliers. Finished with beeswax and botanical oils, sanded perfectly smooth, soft to the touch. Eco Product, free of harmful chemicals.
Color: Natural colors of various types of wood.
Made in the Beskidy Mountains of Poland.

Wooden Story found inspiration in the forest; they are a family business that is three-generation old and happily welcomed wooden toys since 1969. Wooden Story’s Philosophy is simple and joyous, “Our toys – inspired by nature created by us.” The range has been created in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the Beskidy Mountains in Poland. The hand-made products are made from FSC Certified timber and finished beeswax and botanical oils the blocks smell of the forest. All the paints are eco-certified and the packaging used is eco-friendly canvas bags and boxes. Each piece has been made with the following in mind: to improve the senses, be soft to the touch, catch your eye with natural colours and smell of the wood.