Stockmar Colour Giants - Triangular in Tin 12+1
Stockmar Colour Giants - Triangular in Tin 12+1

Stockmar Colour Giants - Triangular in Tin 12+1

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Brand: Stockmar

These premium pencils are not only the perfect shape for the young artist’s small hands, but they are distinguished by their exceptionally vibrant colors and high proportion of pigment. The extra thick lead cores are extremely break resistant, water resistant, wear longer than standard colored pencils and require less frequent sharpening. And because every picture starts with a sketch, the set also includes a graphite B pencil which can be erased particularly well.

Tip: Triangular and hexagonal pencils, with their chunkier shapes, fit better into smaller hands, and encourage a better pencil grip (and well, they don’t roll down from the table, either!). Generally speaking we advice younger children to try to use triangular pencils, and a bit older ones for hexagonal ones, but it can also come down to personal preferences. It is also great to expose your child to different shapes, to let him find the most comfortable one that works for him.

Colours of the set: 01 carmine red | 03 orange | 06 yellow green | 07 green | 09 blue | 10 ultramarine | 11 blue violet | 13 rust | 15 black | 24 pink | 42 magenta | 44 mid yellow + graphite B.

Product details:
Age: 3 years+.
Size: 175 mm / diameter 10 mm / lead 6,25 mm. They are chunkier than traditional pencils, making them fit better into small hands and encouraging a better grip.. 
Material: The pencils are complying EN71 regulations, and are completely non-toxic. It has an extra strong lead, enclosed in a natural, unlaquered wooden coat made of FSC-certified linden wood.


About Stockmar:

Based in Schleswig-Holstein, the Stockmar company has been making quality products for art and art teaching for many decades. Hans Stockmar started with beekeeping products and beeswax candles in 1922. Acting on the suggestion of certain art teachers he soon proceeded to develop his modelling wax, and more than 50 years ago the classic Stockmar wax crayon was created. Over time and with Waldorf teachers, Stockmar created other products, most notably the wax crayon, watercolors and wax decorating sheets. Today Stockmar products are known around the world for their uncompromised quality and production adherence to high pedagogical, artistic, social and environmental standards. They are regularly subjected to testing by independent laboratories in Germany to insure their safety and purity. The company’s logo combines the hexagonal form of a beehive with Goethe’s colour circle, representing two essential characteristics of its products. Based on Goethe’s Theory of Color, the color range is consistent throughout the entire Stockmar assortment. Almost all of Stockmar’s art products are available in this wide range of colors which complement each other. Meaning a carmine colored pencil or wax crayon, is the same carmine as the watercolors, modelling beeswax and decorating wax. Therefore the mixing techniques of combining crayons along with watercolors produce a very harmonious effect. This specific choice of colors, the mutual harmony of the individual colors and the excellent mixing capabilities, is what we refer to as the “Stockmar Color Harmony”.