Sebra PUSLE PUR Changing Mat - Dew Grey
Sebra PUSLE PUR Changing Mat - Dew Grey

Sebra PUSLE PUR Changing Mat - Dew Grey

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Brand: Sebra

Make nappy changes a more enjoyable experience with the Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat – in the colour dew grey.

The Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat has a soft and water-repellent surface that is easy to clean. The baby’s nest-like shape with a high edge will help prevent your baby from rolling down off the mat. The soft edges also ensure that the active child who moves around during nappy changes will not hit their head against the back wall or the edge of the changing unit.

The Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat is made from moulded PUR (polyurethane). PUR is a shock-absorbing material that can withstand high loads and has a very high wear resistance, which is why it is also used for mattresses, seats, cushions and pillows in the furniture sector, as well as in footwear. Sebra PUSLE PUR was developed in collaboration with environmental chemists and with advice from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food. Tested by independent test units, the changing mat contains no harmful or endocrine-disrupting substances.

NOTE: Placement in direct sunlight can cause fading or a change in colour. When the packaging is removed, a strong odour may occur. This is neither harmful nor toxic and disappears over time, with cleaning and airing.

Product details:
Size: L64,7 x W50,5 x H8cm
Quality: PUR (Polyurethane foam).
Color: Dew grey.
Care: Clean the surface with a damp cloth, use water and normal soap. If necessary, Sebra PUSLE PUR can be wiped with alcohol-based cleaning agents such as surgical spirit, but for daily cleaning we recommend water and normal soap.

The Danish company Sebra is established by Mia Dela in 2004. Mia is educated as a designer from the school of design in Kolding Denmark. Sebra Interior is modern design and an innovative choice of colours combined with old kinds of handicraft such as crocheting and knitting. A large part of the collection is handmade and made of natural materials such as wood, wool and cotton. Materials which appeal to children´s imagination and satisfy the parent´s requests for quality and creativity.