Redecker Rubis Baby Nail Scissors

Redecker Rubis Baby Nail Scissors

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Brand: Redecker

High-quality baby nail scissors from Rubis made of martensitic steel in a distinctive design.

Babies often scratch themselves – often in the face – with their uncut fingernails. And if you’ve ever felt the firm grip of a baby’s hand on your own cheek, you’ll know from experience how important trimming those little fingernails can be. The best time to cut an infant’s nails is after a bath, as the nails are then soft and easier to cut. The rounded tips of the Rubis Kid baby scissors eliminate any risk of nipping the skin while trimming the nails. The slightly curved, hand-sharpened blades ensure a precise cut. They trim the nails neatly and smoothly without any sign of breaking, splitting or squeezing. The ergonomically shaped handle grips offer supreme comfort and stability. Even after many years, Rubis scissors lose none of their original functionality thanks to their high-quality materials, design and workmanship.

MATERIAL: Rubis scissors are not simply stamped out of metal, they are elaborately turned pieces of martensitic steel. This high-quality material, which takes its name from German metallurgist Adolf Martens (1850-1914), has two special attributes that are indispensable to the manufacture of really good scissors: it can be hardened to a high degree, which has a major impact on the high quality and long life of the cutting blades, and it is easily molded, which is important for the perfect functionality and good design of the scissors. Martensitic steel is acid-proof and rust-resistant. By glass blasting the surface and elaborately grinding the cutting blades Rubis successfully close the steel’s pores as far as technically possible and reduce corrosion susceptibility to a minimum. They deliberately avoid nickel or chrome plating our scissors to rule out any risk of allergic reactions.

MANUFACTURE: Values are important to Rubis. In their products and in the methods they use to produce them. They have been manufacturing in Switzerland for over 60 years. With experienced and skilled employees, many of whom have remained true to their company for years. Very much in the tradition of Swiss precision mechanics, they manufacture precise and elegant scissors, every detail of which is made to last. All of their manicure implements are made by hand - and, in a final step, tested individually under a magnifying glass. Only products that pass this test receive the “Rubis. Made in Switzerland” seal of quality.

DESIGN: Simple, bold forms are the esthetic mark of all Rubis scissors – embodying the concept of “less is more”. They patented their distinctive design under the Rubis Twist® trademark: each half of the scissors, crafted in half-round steel, twists 90 degrees from tip to handle. It is this organic movement of the steel that creates the scissors’ typical, elegant shape.

Product details:
Size: 9cm.
Material: Surgical steel, sandblasted.
Made in Switzerland.