Grimm's Circular Disc For Year Calendar
Grimm's Circular Disc For Year Calendar
Grimm's Circular Disc For Year Calendar

Grimm's Circular Disc For Year Calendar

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Brand: Grimm's

Circular disc for the annual ring from Grimm's.

The set comes with 35 colored wooden marbles and a natural finished wooden disc. The Annual Ring (sold separately) is placed centrally on the Circular Disc to create an one year calendar. For each day a marble will be placed on the ring, starting at the current month. At the end of the month you clear the ring and space is made for the new month.

In keeping with Maria Montessori’s philosophy, the Annual Ring symbolizes the sun around which the Earth rotates once a year. On birthdays, you can make this comprehensible for a child as he can see his accumulated year of life as he goes around the annual cycle once for each year. With each round, a burning tea light candle is placed on his birth month for each year of the child´s life. Children can then trace the course of the earth around the sun and its role in the cosmos, their relationship to the earth, and to the environment. They can identify the structures of the annual progress and set their own guidelines in this structure. The Annual Ring is part of Maria Montessori's Theory of ”Cosmic Education.”

Product details:
Ages: 14 years +.
Size: ø 50cm.
Material: Lime and maple wood, non-toxic water based color stain, non-toxic plant based oil finish.
Care: If you clean this product only use a damp cloth. Please do not submerge in water and do not use disinfectant or hot water.

GRIMM'S is a family driven and sustainable managed manufacturer since 1978, producing safe and high quality toys at the foot of the Swabian Alb in Germany. In product development and design, they are guided by Waldorf education and other reform pedagogical approaches such as Montessori. Their more minimalist approach in designing toys leaves plenty of room for the development of children’s fresh creativity. New fantastic worlds can be continuously created, keeping pace with children’s natural, healthy development.

Children and adults alike are drawn to the brilliant colors and beautiful unvarnished wood surfaces. The bright color glaze and plant based oils preserve the living surface of the wood in structure and feel. The result is a typically rough yet velvety wooden surface which contributes to greater play value, especially for building components.