Grimm's Set of Bowls - Monochrome

Grimm's Set of Bowls - Monochrome

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Brand: Grimm's

These five adorable little wooden bowls are a must-have for every child’s toy box.

They can be nested together, stacked in a variety of ways, filled with little objects or used imaginatively as play dishes and cups… the uses are as varied as a child’s imagination! Young children will explore concepts of size, comparison and sequencing, as well as exercise their fine motor skills, reasoning/problem solving, and hand-eye coordination. This durable, heirloom-quality toy is a great addition to any playroom, preschool, daycare or home. Made from European alder wood and colored with water based paints that are tested as safe/nontoxic according to stringent US and European safety standards.

The height of bowls when stacked is about 20cm. Nested together they stand at a little over 8cm tall. Each bowl in the set is of uniform height (about 4cm). The largest bowl has a 11cm diameter; the smallest bowl measures about 3,5cm in diameter. Crafted by hand in Europe. Also look for these Stacking/Nesting Bowls in other color palettes, including Rainbow colors with outside Red, outside Blue, Ocean Blue colors, Lollipop colors (pinks) and Natural, unstained wood.

Product details:
Age: 1 year +.
Size: The largest bowl has a 11cm diameter; the smallest bowl measures about 3,5cm in diameter.
Material: Lime wood, non-toxic water based color paint. All colors are water based and in accordance with EN 71, are harmless to your health and suitable for children toys.
Care: If you clean this product only use a damp cloth. Please do not submerge in water and do not use disinfectant or hot water.
This product is recommended by “spiel gut” (good toy guide).

Grimm’s is a family driven and sustainable managed manufacturer since 1978, producing safe and high quality toys at the foot of the Swabian Alb in Germany. In product development and design, they are guided by Waldorf education and other reform pedagogical approaches such as Montessori. Their more minimalist approach in designing toys leaves plenty of room for the development of children’s fresh creativity. New fantastic worlds can be continuously created, keeping pace with children’s natural, healthy development.

Children and adults alike are drawn to the brilliant colors and beautiful unvarnished wood surfaces. The bright color glaze and plant based oils preserve the living surface of the wood in structure and feel. The result is a typically rough yet velvety wooden surface which contributes to greater play value, especially for building components.