Cocoon Company Wool Dryer Balls
Cocoon Company Wool Dryer Balls
Cocoon Company Wool Dryer Balls
Cocoon Company Wool Dryer Balls
Cocoon Company Wool Dryer Balls

Cocoon Company Wool Dryer Balls

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Try Cocoon Company's organic wool dryer balls to your dryer and experience how your laundry will become lovely soft and dry in record time!

Wool balls reduce drying time by 25% by helping the warm air to circulate by moving the laundry around in the dryer. Also, the wools moisture-absorbing properties will take up excess moisture from the laundry. Wool dryer balls are much more gently to the clothes than tennis balls. The laundry will be massaged gently by the wool dryer balls and you will experience that laundry be lovely soft!

When you use wool drying balls for the dryer, you get several benefits, such as softer clothes and a 25% reduction in drying time, which equates to 10-30 minutes. Wool dryer balls also reduce the accumulation of static electricity, so you can completely avoid using environmentally harmful fabric softener for your laundry. Replace your unnecessary and modern chemical-filled detergent with Cocoon’s natural and sustainable laundry series and do something good for you, your clothes and the environment. Combine with Cocoon Company's soapberries, wool dryer balls, stain remover and essential oils for a sublime wash result.

Available in:
4 Pieces (2 white/2 grey wool dryer balls)
6 Pieces (3 white/3 grey wool dryer balls)

That you do not dry large amounts of laundry at once, as the wool balls work by separating the laundry to allow the warm air to circulate better. Thus, they need space to circulate.
That you use 2-3 wool dryer balls to get the best result for a medium amount of laundry. For a large amount of laundry use 4-6 wool dryer balls.
That you use the white wool dryer walls for light colored laundry and the grey for dark and colored clothes.
Allow the wool dryer balls dry after use.

Product details:
Size: Ø8cm approx.
Material: 100% wool from New Zealand.
Care: After drying take the wool dryer balls out of the dryer and let them steam off in a dry place till they are dry enough for the next load.