Blafre Snack Box Fox - Light Blue
Blafre Snack Box Fox - Light Blue

Blafre Snack Box Fox - Light Blue

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Brand: Blafre

Beautiful mini box, designed, developed and manufactured by Blafre.

The Blafre snack box is ready to accommodate sweaty brown cheese or heart-shaped cucumber pieces. The quality is tip-top, without harmful substances like BPA. The snack box also thrives with a whirlpool in the dishwasher.

Maybe you know the Blafre popular owl and tractor-shaped food boxes? After demand from their customers they decided to make a smaller variant. This box is perfect for fruits and vegetables, as well as small items that do not require as much space. Your best friend for the snack! 

Product details:
Size: 12x12x4.5cm.
Material: Made of recyclable plastic (HDPE).
Color: Light blue.
Care: Hand wash, dishwasher safe. Do not scrub with scouring pads or abrasive materials.
Not suitable for microwave or freezer.

Blafre is a Norwegian family business, founded in the fall of 2005 by Ingrid and Remi Fagervik. All products from Blafre are made from the highest quality materials, as ethical and natural as possible. Stainless steel was chosen for the drinking bottles and the lunch boxes are made from safe, recyclable plastic without chemicals. The packaging is made of cardboard and the products are produced locally as much as possible (in Norway).