Quelle Est Belle Bird Call - Storage Box

Quelle Est Belle Bird Call - Storage Box

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The Quelle est Belle Bird Call storage box.

This all Ash wood box is closed with a plexiglass lid, which allows to see everything that is inside, like a showcase. An ideal place to store your 6 handcrafted bird calls (not included): duck mallard, tawny owl, blackbird, great tit, rock dove and robin.

The wooden box is assembled piece by piece by a carpenter who loves his job. Paper background colors vary based on availability.

This is a truly wonderful heirloom gift for lovers of nature of all ages. Lovingly hand carved in a small family-run workshop in rural France.

Product details:
Size: Box 32x23x6,5cm approx.
Quality: Made of natural wood and non-toxic lacquer.
Hand-crafted in France by Monsieur François Morel at Quelle est Belle.

For a quarter of a century Monsieur Francois Morelle and the Quelle est Bell Company have been inventing and developing these bird calls.
They will bring a great joy!