Sew Heart Felt Bird on a Bobbin - Sparrow
Sew Heart Felt Bird on a Bobbin - Sparrow

Sew Heart Felt Bird on a Bobbin - Sparrow

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Hand felted bobbin bird from Sew Heart Felt.

Gorgeous little British garden birds are beautifully replicated by their artisan felters in Rajasthan, carefully hand needle felting every tiny detail from feather to claw. To add to the wonderfulness the birds sit on colourful old fashioned wooden bobbins.... look closely and you can see thread in their beaks!

Product details:
Size: 10 x 8cm.
Material: Organic lambs wool and wood.
Designed in England.
Ethically handmade and crafted in Rajasthan, India.
As this item is handmade it may vary slightly from the picture.

The Sew Heart Felt collection is designed in England by Sonia Spencer and skilfully hand made by women across the world, using local traditional crafts handed down over many generations. The Sew Heart Felt collection is made using organic fibres and eco friendly pigments.

The Sew Heart Felt collection has recently been awarded “Gift of the Year” for the Eco Friendly Award for 2012, 2013, finalists in 2014 and winners again in 2015!