Wobbel360 – without Felt
Wobbel360 – without Felt
Wobbel360 – without Felt
Wobbel360 – without Felt
Wobbel360 – without Felt

Wobbel360 – without Felt

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Brand: Wobbel

Wobbel360 is a unique curved disc that opens up a world of play possibilities.  Balance, spin, rock, play or do the Wobbel walk.

What is a Wobbel360 board? Wobbel360 is a high strength wooden disc that can be enjoyed by all ages, children and adults alike. Children at first simply balance and experiment with its unstable shape wobbling around and as confidence grows they spin around using their hands or feet to power them. The Wobbel360 isn't just a balance toy, it can be used as a play thing with marbles or toy cars, or turn it over to create a curved play surface or a seat. Unstructured play that children will love and suitable for a range of ages.

Wobbel board construction: Layers of quality European FSC beech wood are pressed under high pressure to form the shape. The boards are made in Belgium and are extremely strong with a weight limit of 200Kg. Everything is finished in the Netherlands and the final result is a beautiful strong and robust board made from completely natural and sustainable materials.

At the bottom of the Wobbel360 there is a choice for pressed felt. This is an absolute must for solid floors, because it's going to be spun around and protection is required here.
Pressed felt is not recommended on carpets and other soft floors, otherwise it won't turn around.

Product details:
Age: 3 years+.
Size: Ø 70cm, use weight up to 200 kilos.
Material: Made of many layers of the best European beech wood (FSC).
Finishing: Semi translucent color, so the wood grain is still visible.
Dutch Design.

Note: At this time WOBBEL is completing the CE certification of this product. This certification will provide the correct information regarding usage, age and weight. You will find this information in your Wobbel360 manual.

This Wobbel360 with felt is not suitable for carpet floors because it will not spin freely! Wobbel is designed for indoor play, it may be used out side but this will accelerate wear of the felt and wood.

Always let children play under adult supervision and let them get used to the Wobbel360. Help them when needed and make clear what can and can't be done with it. Beware of fingers and toes at the edges. Teach your child from the first time to never hold the edges. Provide at least two meters of free space (also to other children) around the Wobbel and place it on a flat, horizontal surface. Make sure they don't wear socks or smooth shoes, otherwise they might slip and they could fall. 
Barefoot or non-slip shoes prevent slipping.

Note: For a shipping quote of the Wobbel Balance Board outside the EU please send us an email: info@elenfhant.com before placing an order.