Verborgen Dino's by Pittau and Gervais – Dutch

Verborgen Dino's by Pittau and Gervais – Dutch

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Are you interested in dinosaurs? Then this book "Verborgen Dino's" by Pittau and Gervais is definitely something for you!

This huge discovery and look book (40 cm) contains thick, solid cardboard pages. All pages feature a "special pinch": unfolding flaps and behind is something beautiful to discover, pop-ups and puzzle pages where you can put the strangest dinosaurs together yourself. The last page is an unfolding page which emerges a giant dinosaur. This publication teaches us something about the appearance of various dinosaur species (construction, skin, teeth, skeletal) and includes - beside the names of the animals - no text, so it will be perfect for children speaking any language. The illustrations are lifelike and colorful.

Product Details:
Recommended for ages 5 - 8 year
Author: Pittau and Gervais
Measurements: 1,3 x 39,9 x 28,7 cm
Language: Dutch
Pages: 32

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