Scrunch Watering Can – Duck Egg Blue

Scrunch Watering Can – Duck Egg Blue

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Brand: Funkit World

Scrunch Watering Can a collapsible watering can for children ideal for in the garden, bath and on the beach.

Say goodbye to bulky, hard plastic watering cans that break and take up space, and say hello to the new Scrunch Watering Can; that can be squished, squashed, bent, folded and rolled up without ever losing shape.

The Scrunch Watering Can can be used for anything, anywhere, anytime and is great for carrying and pouring water, picking fruit and vegetables, weeding, washing your car and countless other tasks. Made from food-grade silicone, the Scrunch Watering Can is washable, non-toxic, strong and durable, and will scrunch up small enough to fit in your pocket or luggage.

Product details:
Size: Height (excluding handle) 12x10cm cm and holds 0,5 liter.
Material: Food-grade silicone for watering can and handle, matching rope. 
Color: Duck egg blue.
Washable, easy to keep clean.
Strong and durable, it’ll hold its shape and look good for years.
Designed in the UK.