Ostheimer Trellised Gate
Ostheimer Trellised Gate
Ostheimer Trellised Gate
Ostheimer Trellised Gate

Ostheimer Trellised Gate

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Brand: Ostheimer

A trellised gate or portcullis for your Ostheimer castle scene.

A handle on the back of the portcullis raises and lowers the gate, allowing your knights and townspeople to enter and exit the castle. Playing with this beautiful castle piece, children will immerge into long-gone worlds of knights and fairy tales. They will re-live medieval legends and stories.

Whether it be one beautiful wooden castle piece or a collection of castle pieces from Ostheimer it will provide children with versatile play pieces that will be inspiring and long lasting. All Ostheimer castle parts are compatible to enable you to build a magical world, as fast or slow as you like. Add Ostheimer knights, horses and a royal family, or play with peg people to create a new element of adventure. 

All parts of the Ostheimer Castle collection are hand-crafted using solid alder wood from sustainable domestic forestry.

Product details:
Age: 3 years+.
Made in: Germany since 1940.
Size: 29,5 x 26 x 9cm approx. Because this is a handcrafted item, shape and size may vary slightly.
Material: Alder wood finished with natural oils.

Margarete Ostheimer, a Waldorf (Steiner) teacher, began a collection of toys which enliven the imagination. In her own words: “It is the fantasy of our children alone that breathes life into the seemingly stiff wooden figures, the form and colour of which purposely have been reduced to an essential minimum. It is apparent how little coaching our children need to dive into their worlds.”