Ostheimer Goldfinch
Ostheimer Goldfinch
Ostheimer Goldfinch

Ostheimer Goldfinch

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Brand: Ostheimer

A wooden handpainted goldfinch figure from Ostheimer.

This beautiful Ostheimer goldfinch is brightly coloured with a yellow breast and wings, grey tipped tail and a black capand markings. These social birds have a long, pretty call and spend sunny days enjoying foraging before migrating to Spain for the winter - grab yours now before they take flight! This Ostheimer goldfinch likes to flutter bout Waldorf trees and play with other Ostheimer birds, and is the perfect size for the Ostheimer bird tree.

Ostheimer wooden toys have been loved by children for over 70 years. Ostheimer’s wonderfully expressive wooden toys and figures are produced from hardwoods of the finest quality, such as maple, elm and ash.

Every Ostheimer figure is sanded, painted with non-toxic stain, and varnished by hand, a process which ensures that each one is absolutely unique.

Margarete Ostheimer, a Waldorf (Steiner) teacher, began a collection of toys which enliven the imagination. In her own words: “It is the fantasy of our children alone that breathes life into the seemingly stiff wooden figures, the form and colour of which purposely have been reduced to an essential minimum. It is apparent how little coaching our children need to dive into their worlds.”

Slight differences in colour and slight deviations in the structure of the grain contribute to the special charm and uniqueness of Ostheimer figures.

Product details:
Age: 3 years +.
Made in: Germany since 1940.
Size: H. 4.5cm and W. 4cm approx.
Material: This figure is handcarved and -painted using natural wood and nontoxic colors that conform with the stringent European toy safety standard EN71.

Fits well with the Ostheimer Bird Tree.