Olli Ella Pramble Folding Stroller

Olli Ella Pramble Folding Stroller

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Brand: Olli Ella

The Olli Ella Pramble is made from 100% eco-friendly materials, including recycled rubber wheels, removable canvas seat and a sturdy rattan frame - we have a feeling this one will be getting a workout up and down (and all around!) hallways at home. 

The Pramble features a pocket for them to keep their favourite bits and bobs close, perfect for Holdie Folk, blooms and tiny treasures. 

This pram folds for easy storage and is lightweight for your small folk to carry places. 

Product details:
Size: L40cm x W25cm x H56cm.
Material: Rattan frame, canvas seat (removable and machine-washable), recycled plastic wheels and attachments, folds flat.
Lightweight 800gram. 

Olli Ella design timeless products that are unlike any other. From a little wheeled trolley called the Luggy, to a house that you can hold, Olli Ella pieces bring a smile to faces and are loved through generations for their celebration of play.

They use natural materials, sourced sustainably, and their focus is on craftsmanship and ethical production.

Olli Ella believe that the desire to store, tidy, transport, and explore transcends cultures and generations and this understanding is the starting point for all their designs.