Kazeto Riveted Suitcase - White
Kazeto Riveted Suitcase - White

Kazeto Riveted Suitcase - White

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Brand: Kazeto

The most famous cardboard object is definitely the suitcase, also used as storage and decoration, as seen in grandmother’s wardrobe. 

These suitcases have been a tour de force for over 80 years and are still produced in the Czech Republic. They are very solid and show extraordinary detail: corners and edges are bent out of the same piece of cardboard, the side pieces are riveted on; the corners as well as the edges are reinforced with steel sheet; the wooden slats on the outside, and in the larger suitcase inner wooden frames, provide total stability to the suitcases. The fittings and the handles are also made from steel sheet. The inside is laminated with paper.

Available in 2 sizes:

Product details:
Color: White.
Size: Available in 2 sizes.
Material: Cardboard, steel and wood.
Kazeto since 1925.