Dit is voor Jou by Sanne te Loo – Dutch

Dit is voor Jou by Sanne te Loo – Dutch

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An unnamed boy (me-figure) talks about his love of drawing, which is not limited to paper but is also expressed in the street. One day when the rain washes away his street drawing, the boy is approached by the old painter Anselmo, who invites him to come and shelter. His atelier that looks tropical and exotic makes a big impression on the boy, who is given the space at Anselmo to let his imagination run wild on the silver screen. The boy visits him as often as he can. But one day everything seems to be over. Small, warm story that is supported by the illustrations, and has surprisingly many layers in meaning and symbolism. The simple plot carries, among other things, the message of a child's desire for freedom and growth, and also, literally, creating space for creativity and the fulfillment of your dreams. The striking illustrations evolve from sober and gloomy to colorful and exuberant and are so powerful and symbolic that the text can remain basic.

Product details:
Age: 4 years +.
Author: Sanne te Loo.
Size: 27,9 x 23 x 1 cm.
Language: Dutch
Pages: 26.

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