Areaware wooden toys cubebot natural micro puzzle
Areaware Cubebot Natural – Micro
Areaware Cubebot Natural – Micro

Areaware Cubebot Natural – Micro

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Brand: Areaware

Micro Cubebot® is the small brother of the popular Cubebot robot by Areaware.

Inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the designer David Weeks designed his Cubebot from wood. Cubebot is a combination of Japanese tradition and contemporary toy culture. Like one of the famous heroes from film and TV, Cubebot transforms into a futuristic robot in a few moments. If it’s time to relax, Cubebot forms a perfect cube.

Posing heroically, running, dancing, kneeling or just standing - even the small Cubebot can assume many poses. The joints and muscles are held together flexibly with rubber bands. And as a good robot should be, the Cubebot is almost unbreakable: the wooden model is hard and stable, and thus well-equipped for every blow and fall.

The Cubebot is made to withstand generations of playing hands. But the charming robot isn’t only suitable for play: Cubebot also feels comfortable as a decorative object on the desk or on shelves.

Product details:
Age: 3 years +.
Size: L. 10cm.
Material: Beechwood.

Areaware is a Brooklyn (NY) based producer of everyday objects that are both functional and unusual. Their goal is to create thoughtful products that create an emotional response. With a dose of humor, a bit of poetry and a focus on design, it inspires people of all ages. By attracting young designers, Areaware aims to be a strong voice for American design, offering products that inspire and reach people.