VLUV Seating Ball STOV - Pebble

VLUV Seating Ball STOV - Pebble

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Brand: Vluv

The new sit! VLUV is a healthy and stylish seating ball.

VLUV is the stylish alternative way of ergonomic sitting. It is based on one of the simplest geometrical shapes. All VLUVs are light like air and comfortable like a cushioned chair. You can just sit actively on it, rock and roll around or work out. 

The design of the balls, based on old medicine balls, is restrained and scaled back in the Scandinavian style. VLUV is an ergonomic furniture for office and living. They are also great for gymnastics, yoga and pilates. During and after pregnancy they naturally provide relaxation and enjoyment.

The appeal of the VLUVs not only based on its minimalist, Scandinavian design, but mainly on meaningful, German design-patented details. Only these make a beautiful ball a coherent seating concept.


  • seating ball made from thick, robust polyester fabric
  • Safety double seams
  • convenient handle for easy and safe transport (German design patented)
  • adjustable seat comfort
  • bottom ring prevents rolling away easily (German design patented)
  • including burst resistant PVC ball
  • YKK quality zipper
  • till 120kg body weight
  • 30°C washable
  • German registered design

Ergonomic, active seating requires different seat heights. Depending on body height and area of application we recommend different VLUV ball sizes.

VLUV ball sizes:
50-55cm | Perfect for schoolchildren and adults from 135-155cm height. We recommend using a height adjustable table.
60-65cm | This model is made for people from 155-180cm height. Recommended for standard tables with a height of ca. 74cm, even for taller body heights.
70-75cm | Made for people from 180-200cm height. We recommend using a height adjustable table to fit the legs comfortably under the table.