Solvej Swings Board Swing – White Rope

Solvej Swings Board Swing – White Rope

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Brand: Solvej Swings

A traditional attractive wooden board swing from Solvej Swing with profiled edges, made for the nostalgic.

This is an attractive traditional wooden board swing skillfully crafted with profiled edges. This swing is made from FSC milled naturally durable timber. It is a swing for the nostalgic. This swing can be hung from, up to a height of 3.3 metres, without extension ropes. (note this is the hanging height not the length of the ropes). 

The Solvej board swing is suitable for children from approximately four years old.
Solvej Swing use an extremely strong 10 mm high performance yachting braid. The Solvej board swing has rounded corners to increase the safety for children playing in the vicinity of the swing in use. (Board swings are not as safe as swings made from softer materials. See our child swings). Stainless steel carbine hooks (eye-bolts not provided) make it very easy to move the swing.
This swing comes with our standard 9 year guarantee.