Kokua LIKEaBIKE Mountain Race – Mocca - Elenfhant
Kokua LIKEaBIKE Mountain Race – Mocca - Elenfhant

Kokua LIKEaBIKE Mountain Race – Mocca

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Brand: Kokua

This is the very first LIKEaBIKE from Kokua, designed for safety and durability.

Its unmistakeable style and minimalist lines surely rank this gorgeous child’s wooden bike as a design classic.

Without a doubt, the LIKEaBIKE must be the safest and most logical way to introduce your child to cycling, developing the ability to balance in a natural intuitive way, not possible on traditional pedal bikes with stabilisers.

The disc wheels of the LIKEaBIKE Racer are equipped with solid rubber tyres, which are non marking – perfect for smooth surfaces indoor and outdoor. The hubs contain bronze slide bearings, which guarantee a maintenance free and easy running wheel. All frame pieces are constructed from strong, attractive Birch plywood with a tough satin varnished coating. With very simple assembly, your child’s LIKEaBIKE will be ready for play within minutes of opening the box.

The LIKEaBIKE Racer is a standard sized wooden bike and so the saddle height can be adjusted to 4 different positions between 32,5cm and 42,5cm (12.75″ – 16.75″) to suit children aged from two to five years.

An extended seat is available from Kokua as an option for children from taller families, or to increase the age range up to six years.

Product details:
Age: 2 to 5 years.
Size: Saddle height can be adjusted to 4 different positions between 32,5cm and 42,5cm (12.75″ – 16.75″).
Color: Mocca brown leather saddle cover.
Material: Strong birch plywood with a tough satin varnished coating, solid rubber tyres and leather saddle cover. Sealed cartridge bearings for maintenance free, silent and smooth running wheels. High grade steel fasteners.
Certified to DIN EN71 safety of toys parts 1,2 and 3 and CE stamped.
Patented protection prevents over-steering.
Guarantee: Manufacturer provides a two year unconditional warranty.
Each LIKEaBIKE is handcrafted in Germany from wood grown in sustainable forests.
Award winning design.

The fabulous design and construction of the LIKEaBIKE is credited to Kokua Holzspielzeug, a small business run by the Mertens family in Roetgen, Germany. The Mertens realised that the best way for a child to learn to cycle is not to use stabilisers, which simply prevent the child developing a proper sense of balance, but to remove the cranks entirely and use their feet for stability. They replaced the traditional steel frame with a lightweight wooden one and created LIKEaBIKE, the perfect trainer wooden bike.

The attention to detail with LIKEaBIKE is superb. The frame, fork, wheels, handlebar and saddle are beautifully crafted from high-quality birch or beech plywood and treated with a tough varnished coating which fully complies with strict child safety regulations. There are no sharp edges and no places for little fingers to get trapped. The steering is ‘damped’ by soft felt pads to prevent over-steering, which is a common cause of accidents with traditional toddler bikes. The wheels run on quality grease-free sealed cartridge bearings and have non-marking tyres for use indoors and out. Most models have inflatable pneumatic tyres, although the original ‘LIKEaBIKE Racer’ model has solid ones, which are more suitable for smooth surfaces.

LIKEaBIKEs are so well built that the manufacturer provides a two year unconditional warranty; astounding for a product aimed at 2-6 year olds! Your child’s LIKEaBIKE wooden bike is made to last and you can be assured that it will still be fit for handing down to younger brothers and sisters when they are ready.