Haptic Lab Albesia Kite Handle
Haptic Lab Albesia Kite Handle

Haptic Lab Albesia Kite Handle

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Brand: Haptic Lab

Haptic Lab Albesia kite handle for their ship kites.

Hand-carved by Haptic Lab's fair trade partners in Bali, each Albesia wood kite handle is wrapped with 300+ feet of monofilament kite line by hand. Fast-growing, sustainable Albesia is harvested from local plantations.

All of Haptic Lab's kites include basic kite twine; this kite handle is a special edition! Works best with hard-pulling kites.

Product details:
Size: 13 x 7,5 cm approx.
Material: Albania wood and nylon kite line.
Handmade in Bali.

Emily Fischer spent years researching kite history and traditions. Kite-making was her hobby while she worked as an architect for four years. After spending three months traveling through Asia meeting kite artisans and learning from them (how to balance a design, what materials to use, how to tie specific knots), she assembled her kite-making team. Her designs are inspired by the golden age of kite-flying that occurred around the turn of the nineteenth century. She shares: “There was a sort of ‘space-race’ as inventors, engineers, and governments competed to create the first manned flight. I wanted to create kites that captured that spirit. The only ones I’d ever flown were cheap plastic pieces that fell apart in an afternoon, and I was determined to make something beautiful that would last for years.”