Goki Viking Horn
Goki Viking Horn
Goki Viking Horn

Goki Viking Horn

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Brand: Goki

Our horn bugles (or blowing horns) are handmade from a single piece of cow horn.

The mouth piece does not contain a reed and so is blown with pursed lips like a trumpet, producing a deep resonating sound. Blowing horns were used in Viking and Medieval times as a means of communication, either to keep in contact with your friends (e.g. during hunting), or to warn people of your approach. These are natural products, so shape, size and colour will vary and have a natural finish. The larger the blowing horn the deeper the sound. Small blowing horns must be blown very hard and produce a high-pitched sound, large blowing horns are blown very loosely and produce a deep sound and medium blowing horns are generally the easiest to blow and produce the best sound!

Product details:
Age: 3 years +.
Size: ....
Material: Real horn.
CE certified. 

All Goki products are designed in Germany and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting European requirements (CE certified).