Fanny And Alexander Wooden Zoom Camera – Cat's Paw Pink
Fanny And Alexander Wooden Zoom Camera – Cat's Paw Pink

Fanny And Alexander Wooden Zoom Camera – Cat's Paw Pink

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Heirloom wooden zoom camera from Fanny & Alexander.

What will you capture in your photographs? A family pet pulling the funniest of faces, the deciding moment in a game of conkers, or a brightly coloured kite swooping in the wind? Peer through the wooden viewfinder to frame your photograph, adjust the working zoom and then snap your ordinary or extraordinary moment.

Made in reassuringly solid rubber wood, with the zoom feature inlaid in Sapele teak wood, the camera is wrapped in Cat's Paw Pink leather for little fingers to grip, with a cotton safety strap for easy carrying.

Product details:
Age: 3 years+.
Size: 12x7,7x6cm.
Materials: Rubberwood, Sapele teak wood, leather and cotton strap.
Made in: Argentina.

Fanny & Alexander was founded on a fundamental desire to encourage children (and the adults who love them) to play a little more, and a little better. Delfina Aguilar is the founder of Fanny & Alexander, "Childhood is a brief and extraordinary time — a time when everything is possible and the imagination is boundless. Fanny & Alexander is dedicated to creating and cultivating moments of joy during childhood that will last a lifetime.

Fanny & Alexander make toys that call to children's creativity and curiosity, and encourage them to marvel at the world around them — whilst inventing a few worlds of their own, too. Their toys are deceptively simple, but meticulously made, so that they might become a beloved part of your child's life, and endure to be enjoyed by future generations, too.

There is an art to playing well; one which they take seriously. They hope their toys will become beloved companions and cherished objects that preserve that sense of childhood wonder for your family."